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For more FAQ, please visit HKU Taught Postgraduate Admission Website:

FAQ | Taught Postgraduate Admissions | The University of Hong Kong (

I. Programme and Study

Q1: When will the application information be available?

Application information for admission will usually be available from October/November onwards every year.


Q2: What is the medium of instruction?

The medium of instruction for the MACHS programme is either Mandarin or Cantonese. Some specific courses are taught in English. Please click here for the details.

II. Application

Q1: Application period for part-time study

Part Time:

Round 1

12:00 noon (GMT +8), January 31, 2024

Round 2

12:00 noon (GMT +8), April 30, 2024

Click here to apply for MA in Chinese Historical Studies part-time study


Q2: Application period for full-time study

Full Time (subject to the University's approval):

Round 1

12:00 noon (GMT +8), January 31, 2024

Round 2

12:00 noon (GMT +8), April 30, 2024

Click here to apply for MA in Chinese Historical Studies full-time study


Q3: Definition of “non-local students”

According to the definition by the HKSAR Government adopted for education-related areas in the post-secondary education context, “non-local students” are:

Students holding:

- student visa / entry permit to study in Hong Kong,
- dependent visa who are aged 18 years old or above before September 1 of the year of admission; and
- visa under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG), issued by the Director of Immigration of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

However, if a person is holding a valid work visa during his or her study period, he or she is defined as a local student.


Q4: How come there are two rounds of applications?

As administrative procedures take time, two rounds have been assigned to handle applications. Since the studentship is subject to a quota, the earlier the application is made, the quicker the result will be informed.


Q5: What kind of attention should I pay upon application submission?

  1. Application must be done online through this link. After the submission, you will receive an auto-email notification with a link.
  2. You should submit documents (such as university grade report, academic proof) through the link above within one week.
  3. After full submission of the documents, the School will process your application and inform you of the result as soon as possible.


Q6: Shall I need to provide referees’ information?

Please include TWO referees’ information in the application form (TOLA system).

After submission of the online application form, the referees will automatically receive an email which contains link to the recommendation form.

III. English Language Requirement

Q1: Shall I submit proof of English level?

You are not required to provide English proficiency proof if you obtained a bachelor's degree from a recognized local and overseas institution where the medium of instruction was English.

However, if you do not fulfill the above-mentioned condition, please provide proof of English proficiency upon application with reference to the official website of HKU.

IV. Fee, Payment & Refund

Q1: Shall I need to pay the whole course fee upon admission?

The tuition fee level as announced by the University (2023/24 level, subject to review by the University):

One-year full-time programme: HKD205,000 to be paid by 2 instalments.

Two-year part-time programme: HKD175,000 to be paid by 4 instalments.
** Applicants once accepted in the programme should pay the first instalment of the tuition fee to reserve the place. All paid tuition is non-refundable and non-transferrable to another programme or to cover other expenses.


Q2: Is there any reduction in tuition fee level?

There is no tuition fee reduction. Yet, there are prizes for this programme.

V. After Applying

Q1: If given an offer for this programme, can I accept the offer from another programme?

According to the University regulation, students who have completed registration of our programme should not study a programme offered by the same university or another university. A breach of this regulation may result in discontinuation of studies at this University.


Q2: When will I know about the application result?

All complete applications will be processed immediately. Applicants who are accepted will receive a preliminary notification by email from the School. After completion of all the administrative procedures, the University will issue an official acceptance letter.

VI. Scholarship, Visa and Housing

Q1: Are there any scholarships or awards for this programme?

MA in Chinese Historical Studies programme has established prizes to recognize students with outstanding performance. Please click here for details.


Q2 How do I apply for the Entrance Scholarship?

No application is required. The Entrance Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit. Eligible students are automatically considered. Students who are accepted into the programme and have completed the registration will be notified if they are qualified to receive the Scholarship.


Q3: In addition to the MACHS programme scholarships and awards, are there any other relevant financial grants?

Full-time regular teachers accepted into the part-time MACHS programme are eligible to apply for the Hong Kong Education Bureau's “Scholarship for Teachers (Pursuit of Master’s Degree Programmes)”. For the latest details, please visit the EDB website.


Q4: Is housing available to Taught Postgraduate students?

Residential places on campus for postgraduate students are limited and in high demand. Taught postgraduates (TPg) usually live off-campus and find their own flats. To learn more about University housing and off-campus housing information, please visit the CEDARS (Centre of Development and Resources for Students) website for details.


Q5: How can I obtain a student visa?

Please note that the processing time for student visa applications is approximately 10-12 weeks. For details, please visit the student visa website of HKU Admissions Office.


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