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MACHS Programme

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Programme Structure

(This programme structure applies to students admitted from academic year 2023-24 onwards.)


The Master of Arts in the field of Chinese Historical Studies curriculum consists of 8 lecture courses and a capstone experience. Coursework teaching is held from September until April of an academic year. There are usually four sessions of two contact hours per week for full-time students and two to three sessions of two contact hours per week for part-time students. The curriculum has a minimum study load of 1,200 hours, of which a minimum of 204 are contact hours.


Courses offered in each academic year will be announced on the website of the School of Chinese prior to the start of the semester.

Coursework  Requirements


Medium of Instruction: Courses will be usually conducted in Mandarin or Cantonese with some to be taught in English.


Students will be notified of any changes in the course details or teaching arrangements (including teaching schedule, lecturers, and medium of instruction).


Teachers may adjust the course content listed in the "Course Syllabus" according to the actual teaching situation whenever necessary.


The following course information should be used as reference only. Please refer to the English version of the University’s Regulations.

Core Courses

6 credit units each. Take both courses and complete 12 credit units.

Core Courses
Course Code Course Name
CHIN6007 Imperial China: Thematic Studies
CHIN7017 Twentieth Century China: Thematic Studies

Elective Courses

6 credit units each. Choose 6 courses and complete 36 credit units.

A. History (12 courses)
Course Code Course Name
CHIN6011 Education and Examination: The Chinese Experience
CHIN6012 Chinese Migration History: Inland and Overseas
CHIN7002 Chinese Historiography
CHIN7005 New Approaches to Chinese History
CHIN7006 An Introduction to Documentary Sources in Chinese
CHIN7007 An Introduction to Archival Sources in Chinese
CHIN7008 Intellectual History of Pre-Qin China♦
CHIN7011 History education: the Chinese Experience
CHIN7012 The Historical Geography of China
CHIN7013 Hong Kong since 1842
CHIN7014 History of Women and Gender in China♦
CHIN7015 China and the World: A History

♦ Open to MACLL students.

B. Culture (7 courses)
Course Code Course Name
CHIN6301 Special Topics in Confucian Classics♣
CHIN7115 Special Topics in Chinese Culture♣
CHIN7009 Traditional Chinese Thought and Its Modern Transformation
CHIN7010 Modern Chinese Intellectual Trends and Intellectuals
CHIN7016 Special Topics in Chinese Religions
CHIN7018 Chinese Food Culture
CHIN7019 Understanding Chinese Culture: Fieldwork and Site Visit

♣ Provided by the MACLL programme.

Capstone Experience

12 credit units each. Choose 1 course and complete 12 credit units.

Capstone Experience
Course Code Course Name
CHIN7993 Capstone Experience: Portfolio
CHIN7999 Capstone Experience: Dissertation in Chinese Historical Studies


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